Structural Steel Buildings:

. Steel Buildings - Advantages: Steel buildings are highly beneficial architectural structures as they mot only have a longer lifespan, but alsomore endurance than conventional concrete buildings. Steel buildings have brought a revolutionary change in the construction sphere due to its stability and material strength is more.

. Benfits of Steel Buildings: There has been an upsurge in the construction of steel buildings in the 21st century due to the myrias advantages that they posses. The construction process of a steel building is much more convenient and less expensive than the conventional method of construction.

. Before you buy a Steel Building:To extract the maximum usage out of a steel building, it is necessary to invest prudently and wisely in any purchase. The more one is aware of the tricks of the trade the better is one's judgment regarding steel and metal buildings and more will be the possibility of making an appropriate choice while buying.

. Steel building Costs: A steel building costs much lesser than conventional buildings but a wrong choice can result in expenditure of a large amount without the worth provided. It is very vital to know the total cost and estimate of the whole venture before buying a steel building.

Pre Engineered Buildings:

The terms to those steel buildings which are completed "on-site" i.e on the construction sites by assembling together sections of the steel building that are already constructed or built in factories.

Prefabricated or Pre-Engineered steel buildings basically comprise of built up units or modules that are transportable and the whole building is completed on the site. Prefabricated steel buildings are also called manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes. Such a steel building consists of several factory-built units.

Construction of a Pre-fabricated steel building or Pre-engineered steel building:

The prefabricated steel building or Pre-engineered steel building can be constructed for various purposes such as homes, garage and storage, farm and agriculture, outhouses, museums, classrooms etc. Prefabricated buildings are created in sections and transported to the home site for complrtion of the building. the installation is carried out in the home site itself and also the construction. These buildings are although built in sections but is put together much like a regular home. Prefabricated houses can be of Two types:

1. Manufactured homes which are built on steel beams, and are transported complete sections to the homes site for assembling.
2. Mobile homes are built on wheels and thus are movable from one place to another.

A very famous example of a prefabricated steel building is Mcdonalds which utilizes prefabricated stuctures for buildings and not long ago set a record of constructing a building and opening for bussiness within 13 hours.

Why Prefabricated or Pre-engineered buildings are preffered?

Thus the time consumption in Prefabricated or Pre-engineered buildings is very less as more than one sections can be simultaneously for a particular building. The stipulated life span of a prefabricated building is 15~20 years, but they exceed this duration more often than not. Residential prefabricated buildings have become overwhelmingly popular and were first used for providing accommodation for military proofs during world war II. These prefabricated buildings, due to their quick method of construction, enable the authorities to combat the problem of shortage of houses and residential areas.
Prefabricated and Pre-engineered buildings hence mark a good choice for construction purpose.